Coronavirus and The PSV Circle

Covid-19 Information

PSV Circle works hard to fulfill all orders in the shortest possible time but as our volunteers or shippers may now be affected by the virus and lock downs please allow 45 days for delivery.  Please do not chase outstanding orders before this as delivery is likely to be unpredictable and we won't be able to offer more information.  We currently still welcome and will continue to service all orders as soon as we can and will advise here if matters change.

As of 31 July 2021 all orders received have been dispatched and are with Royal Mail.

We managed to get July 2021 monthly news sheet posting out as expected with grateful thanks to the reduced number of volunteers' sterling work.  This is now in the hands of Royal Mail.  Please do not advise us of missing postings until at least 15 working days have elapsed from 19 July to allow for delays.

We are now working hard on getting the August posting out.  This will again be a huge challenge with a greatly depleted number of volunteers and it is inevitable that there might be delays in postings with staff isolating.  We will get everybody's news sheets and other items out just as soon as possible but please be patient - there will be very few of us doing a lot of work and this will inevitably delay things.  Please help us by not contacting us unnecessarily if your posting doesn't arrive after 2 days! - please allow the minimum of 15 working days before querying.  We are doing our best but your queries will just cause more delays!

The PSV Circle library service has been reinstated and is fully operational again.