Coronavirus and The PSV Circle

PSV Circle works hard to fulfill all orders in the shortest possible time but as our volunteers or shippers may now be affected by the virus and lock downs please allow 45 days for delivery.  Please do not chase outstanding orders before this as delivery is likely to be unpredictable and we won't be able to offer more information.  We currently still welcome and will continue to service all orders as soon as we can and will advise here if matters change.

As of 27 March 2020 all orders received have been dispatched and are with Royal Mail.

The PSV Circle AGM has been postponed from its booked date of 4 April 2020.  All members booked to attend will be contacted shortly with more information.

We managed to get March monthly news sheet posting out as expected with grateful thanks to the reduced number of volunteers' sterling work.  This is now in the hands of Royal Mail.  Please do not advise us of missing postings until at least 15 working days have elapsed from 25 March to allow for delays.

We are now working hard on getting the April posting out.  This will be a huge challenge with a greatly depleted number of volunteers and the possibility our printers will go into shut-down imminently and it is inevitable that there will be delays in postings.  We will get everybody's news sheets and other items out just as soon as possible but please be patient - there will be very few of us doing a lot of work and this will inevitably delay things.  Please help us by not contacting us unnecessarily if your posting doesn't arrive after 2 days! - please allow the minimum of 15 working days before querying.  We are doing our best but your queries will just cause more delays!

The PSV Circle library service has had to be suspended due to restrictions on volunteers travelling.  The service will be reinstated as soon as possible.

A letter from our secretary...

 I sit at my Computer having been furloughed from my day job. A word that I had never even come across until the beginning of last week. The Covid-19 virus has affected many people up and down the country, but hopefully you are all managing to avoid its onslaught. Whilst as a sub-editor, I normally  request reports, I would rather members remain safe, until after the threat is over.


However, despite the virtual shutdown as directed by our Prime Minister last Monday, which will be reviewed after Easter, with the wonders of electric communication, it currently looks like a number of publications are coming together to accompany NS963. This pays tribute to the tireless efforts of all those involved in the production chain, from Sub-editors to Assistant Editors, Journal contributors and Editors, G list compilers, members of the Publication Team and our dispatch team to our Printing contractors and there being space on our Couriers vehicles when they are not moving around essential supplies.


So as at 0900 on Monday 30th March, reliant upon all these internal and external factors the intended publications are :

*  PH20: Fleet History of Western National (Part 2  1970-82)

*  Overseas Journal

*  G744: Current Fleets of Operators in the West Midlands (A - WM Accessible)

*  G745: Current Fleets of Operators in the West Midlands (WM Travel - Z, Non-PSV)

*  and, of course, our Newssheets.

The printers have advised that due to shortages of staff, it will NOT be possible to produce both G lists - when published the second will remain updated to NS963.


A lot can change between now and the distribution date. We may not be able to get all these publications printed, there may be no couriers available to take the publications to Crown House and the distribution to you may be down to just a very small groups of individuals. So any of these factors may cause, some or all of these items to be delayed or not be available at all until after the epidemic is over. A final decision will be made nearer to the distribution date and advised to you, our members, via the website (


Beyond all, I hope that you all keep Safe and Well.


Steve Hursthouse

Honorary Secretary