PayPal is our payment handler for all payments paid online through this shop. There is no requirement for you to have a PayPal account as you can 'check out' securely as a Guest when you reach the PayPal site although it is wise not to ask PayPal to store your details as they may later insist you open a PayPal account after a number of 'guest' transactions.

The minimum order value is £3.00 through PayPal.  If you wish to place a smaller value order please download the Publication List and use the post facility to send a cheque/postal order.

As the PSV Circle is run by unpaid volunteers in their free time, orders are normally dispatched within 10 working days although we do work hard to send out items sooner.  Please allow 21 days (28 days for overseas orders) before querying your order.  An expected dispatch date will usually be advised with your order confirmation email when we process it and if there are any problems with dispatching an item you will be informed by email.


All items are posted by Royal Mail second class free of charge to all addresses.


If you are purchasing a membership you must be over 16 years of age and by accepting these terms you are confirming this to be the case.

Anybody under 16 who wishes to join the PSV Circle should complete a paper application form (Print off from the site) and send this in with a supporting letter from a parent or guardian confirming that they agree to you joining and complying with the rules.  This will need to be considered at the following Management Committee meeting after application.

If you have just joined or you are an existing member using the site for the first time, please ensure you are paying the correct price BEFORE checking out.  You are deemed to be accepting the price offered and no adjustments will be made retrospectively.  You can check your membership status by logging into your account and navigating to the My Account tab.  If you think it's wrong; please contact us for assistance before you finalise any transaction.

Existing members who have set up a new account may need to wait up to 48 hours for us to verify and update your account; obviously we do this as soon as possible.  Any orders placed prior to this update will be charged at the prevailing non-member prices.

New members joining us should check out their membership items first before purchasing other items to ensure they obtain the appropriate member discount.  Any items added to a new membership order will still be charged at the non member prices (you are not classed as a member until you have made the payment!) 

Data Protection

To manage your account we need to keep your records on computer.  You agree that we can do this for the sole purpose of administering your order and/or membership.  No details will be passed to any third parties whatsoever without requesting your explicit consent.

If you cannot agree to this we are unable to handle your order(s).