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Existing PSV Circle members and customers should now sign-in to make their purchases, with any appropriate member discount automatically being calculated for you.  If you haven't used our site before please set up an account first but we will initially authorise any new accounts to set up the appropriate membership status, which we endeavour to do within 48 hours.  When setting up an account please ensure you 'whitelist' accounts as all confirmations will be sent from these accounts and also use a valid address that will receive emails.  When you set up your new account, if you have not received an email within 15 minutes of setting up the account then please check your SPAM folder as an email is automatically sent out.

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Only one account can be a member account, any duplicate account created will not offer member any discount and will be removed to avoid confusion.

To login please click here, if you have any problems logging in try resetting your password.  After requesting a password reset, please make sure you check any SPAM folder on your email system before requesting assistance as the email will have been sent out immediately by the website.  If you are still having problems then please email us for assistance.

Members should NOT use the address book feature to advise of their change of address as the site does not notify us of any changes you might make.