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We welcome all new members to the PSV Circle, current subscription rates are shown below.

Existing e-members should also use this product to renew their membership which will automatically add 12 months to your existing e-membership.

All our members will receive a copy of the monthly "Editorial", containing up to date news from the industry, details of social events, and details of new books and publications.

This package offers electronic download only of all 9 of our monthly area news sheets together.  The download will be available when the files are sent to our printer (usually about 10 days before postal dispatch). 

The latest 3 months news sheets will always be available to download - previous ones will not be retained and will not be available to be downloaded or supplied later.

If you have an existing paper only membership, after you have subscribed to this item, any outstanding membership will be automatically cancelled.  Any credit due will be refunded to your payment method once we've processed your order.

If you wish to to take any paper news sheets and/or journals in addition to the download, please add them to this order.

Once you have checked out your order, a new product will appear under the

'Membership > Members Only'

tab with further instructions. 

Using the options to the right please select the type of Membership you wish to subscribe to.

You must select something from all items marked with a *; if you don't require an item you must say so or you cannot add the product to your cart.

Prices will be calculated automatically and are as follows:

Base membership £20.00 plus monthly downloads of a pdf of our monthly news sheets (£26.00) Total £46.00

You are then welcome to ADD to this as required:

Paper copies posted out of our Area News Sheets £5.00 for each area required.


BRITISH JOURNAL (Published quarterly; February, May, August, November, illustrated in full colour where possible.) covers Preserved vehicles, Postbuses, showman’s vehicles, transporters, non–PSVs.

OVERSEAS JOURNAL (Published quarterly; January, April, July, October, illustrated in full colour.) covers Overseas operators – especially those operating British built vehicles.

HISTORICAL JOURNAL (Published quarterly; March, June, September, December, illustrated in full colour where possible.) covers smaller chassis and body lists which are too small to justify their own publication, extracts from Motor Tax records of registrations of early vehicles, chassis and body lists for smaller manufacturers, recognition articles for less usual types. 

Each Journal or bulletin is £14.00 a year. (Only paper versions posted out of our Journals and Bulletins are currently supplied)

This subscription covers 12 monthly editions of the Electronic News Sheet and can commence any month throughout the year. Any journal subscription will give you 4 journal editions over the same 12 month period which are each published and posted out every three months.  Electronic downloads can not be backdated and will no longer be available once they have expired although we do offer previous news sheet years on CD-ROM and a minimum of 3 previous months news sheets will always be available to download.

All PSV Circle members receive a 25% discount on most PSV Circle publications.  When ordering online please ensure you are logged in as all prices will then automatically change to show prices with this discount applied.

More information about what each News Sheet covers can be found here.

More information about what each Journal covers can be found here.

We regret we are unable to provide this product outside the UK due to local tax issues.  For members not in the UK please refer to our paper only products.

Alternatively standard paper membership only, (electronic memberships are not available by post) can be applied for by post:

Membership Application Form  (Adobe Acrobat .pdf)

All postal membership application forms should be sent to:

PSV Circle Memberships
11th Floor Wentworth House
350 Eastern Avenue

Email memberships@psvcircle.org.uk

1 year UK Membership New and renewing members (Electronic download)

  • £46.00

Membership Status: 'eNews Member' for 365 days

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